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Bondhus 13360 4mm Weighted T Hex Key – IDEAL FOR NOVA CHUCK JAW CHANGES W 4MM HEX SCREWS

$10.99 CAD
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NOVA 48203 Replacement Chuck Key for G3 Chucks (new style – sliding T handle)

$24.95 CAD
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NOVA 48232 G3 Chuck Kit With 2″ Jaws & Woodworm Screw, 1″ x 8tpi Direct Thread (Old style – tightening key turns LH)

$100.00 CAD
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NOVA 48287 G3 Chuck (LITE VERSION), 1″ X 8TPI Direct Thread

$159.95 CAD
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NOVA 48306 G3 Lite Pen Turning Chuck Bundle, Direct Thread 1” x 8TPI

$199.95 CAD
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NOVA 48308 G3 Lite Bowl Turning Chuck Kit, Thread 1” x 8TPI

$209.95 CAD
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NOVA 48291 Pro-Tek G3 Chuck Bundle, 1″ x 8tpi Direct Thread (reversible)

$169.99 CAD
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  • Pro-Tek 2″ jaws with dovetail and serrated inner face
  • Now with intuitive clockwise tightening
  • 6 point star head jaw screws for better holding power and quicker fastening
  • T-handled 6 point wrench for faster jaw changes
  • Sturdy slip cover packaging with foam liner for durable chuck storage box
  • Includes Nova woodworm screw
  • Comes with Nova microfiber polishing cloth for keeping your chuck clean
  • Direct thread chuck designed to fit on 1″ x 8tpi shafts.  Lock screw permits reverse turning.

NOVA 48293 Pro-Tek G3 Chuck Bundle, 1″ x 8tpi Direct Thread (reversible)

$219.99 CAD
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NOVA 48290 Pro-Tek G3 Chuck – Insert Required (sold seperately)

$159.99 CAD
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REFURBISHED NOVA 48286 G3 Chuck Kit with 2″ Jaws – Includes Custom Insert

$110.00 CAD$120.00 CAD
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G3 Lite (vs Pro-Tek) Chuck kit.

  • Quick one handed operation
  • Includes 2″ jaws, , and adaptor insert to lathe (select from drop down box)
  • Ideal for Mini, Midi, and lathes up to 14″ swing
  • Capable of turning up to a 12″ bowl
  • New Design T-Handle key – top bar slides to clear larger work when operating chuck (great for working with larger Cole jaws etc).

G3 Lite Kit – New for 2020. The G3 is an economical option featuring the fast one handed operation of the keyed articulation at price that is more affordable than anything of this quality and with this many features on the market. Yes, it also accepts all other Original Nova, G3, and Super Nova accessories, and is ideal for Mini, Midi, and other lathes up to 14″ swing over bed. Recommended for turning bowls up to 12″ in diameter with the included 2″ (50mm) dovetail jaw set. Comes with a 2″ dovetail jaw set, for starting your bowls, aand the specified threaded insert to fit your lathe. The new G3 Lite version is a more economical version than the G3 Pro-Tek chuck (the 48286 chuck body is the same as the original G3 48202 chuck).