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Drake Tools by Pfeil

$51.99 CAD
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Used to clean up carved lettering and ornamental work. Blade length: 110 mm, width: 5 mm.


  • Right skew
  • Straight blade
  • Left Skew

Linoleum & Block Cutting Tools by Pfeil

$31.99 CAD$36.99 CAD
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Linoleum and Block Cutting Tools by Pfeil are perfect for creating block prints, stamps and other fun print projects.

Size Options:

#L1 x 4mm | #L1S x 4 mm | #L1 x 8 mm | #L1A x 8mm | #L1S x 8 mm | #L5 x 3 mm | #L5 x 5mm | #L5 x 8mm | #L7 x 4mm | #L7 x 6 mm | #L7 x 10 mm | #L8 x 3 mm | #L8 x 7 mm | #L8A x 7 mm | #L9 x 2mm | #L9 x 5 mm | #L11 x .5 mm | #L11 x 1 mm | #L11 x 2mm | #L11 x 3 mm | #L12 x 1 mm | #L12 x 4 mm | #L12A x 4 mm | #L15 x 2 mm | #L1A x 8 mm

Abegglen Detail Knives by Pfeil

$65.99 CAD$139.99 CAD
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Abegglen detail knives by Pfeil have two cutting edges. One side with round cutting edge and the other one with hollow cutting edge. With these knives it’s possible to make deep cuts, but also to do writings and ornaments. A great universal knife for many wood carving projects. Also available as a set.

Available in sizes:

  • Small – Blade length 12o mm, cutting edge length 20 mm
  • Medium – Blade length 125 mm, cutting edge length 27 mm
  • Large – Blade length 130 mm, cutting edge length 33 mm

Scorp Carving Tool (33mm Blade Width) Pfeil Swiss Made

$59.99 CAD
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Scorp 65 (Round) by Pfeil

$113.99 CAD
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This carving tool by Pfeil is used for hollowing out bowls, sculpting seats of chairs, etc. Cherry Wood handle. Forged from K 720 steel. Blade: 65mm. Weight: 280 g

Two-Handed Scorp (140mm) by Pfeil

$119.99 CAD
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This two-handed scorp by Pfeil is appropriate for hollowing out large cavities. It is especially formed to cut the seats of chairs in the manufacturing of furniture. Cherry wood handles. Forged from K 720 steel. Blade Width: 140mm. Weight: 340 g.

Drawshave Knives by Pfeil

$73.99 CAD$254.99 CAD
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There are four variations of drawshave knives by Pfeil to choose from.

Standard Size Straight:

  • Straight drawshave with cherry handles
  • Overall length 310 mm
  • Cutting edge length 120mm

Large Size Straight:

  • Cherry handles
  • leather case
  • Overall length: 440 mm
  • Cutting edge length: 250mm
  • Weight: 670 g

Standard Size Curved:

  • Cherry handles
  • Overall length: 290 mm
  • Cutting edge length: 120 mm

Large Size Curved:

  • Cherry handles
  • leather case
  • Overall length: 430 mm
  • Cutting edge length: 240 mm
  • Weight: 450 g

Shoulder Knife by Pfeil

$118.99 CAD
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The Shoulder Knife by Pfeil is especially suited for ornamentation and carving in framing timbers. The end of the long curved ash handle rests on the carvers, allowing precision cuts that require little force. 

Available in two blade profiles – curved and straight

Shoulder knife with straight cutting edge, SMG

Blade length: 90 mm
Overall length: 670 mm
Weight: 230 g


$180.99 CAD
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Adzes & Sculptor’s Hatchet by Pfeil

$166.99 CAD$192.99 CAD
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These sculptor’s tools by Pfeil are forged from quality steel, hardened and sharpened.


Curved Head Adze Small 280mm
Flat Head Adze Small 280mm
Sculptor’s Straight Adze 450mm
Sculptor’s Curved Adze 450mm
Sculptor’s Round Adze 450mm
Sculptor’s Hatchet 280mm